The Zodiac Killer: Unleashed

Changes in Criminology

 Many people believe that if police used techniques they have today during that case, the Zodiac would have been caught.

 "Zodiac changed the way police cooperate with other investigative agencies.  Zodiac killed in three or four different jurisdictions, and it was really tough for the police to coordinate everything,The reason FBI task forces exist in these situations is because of the Zodiac case."

 "No one had used the media in the way that this guy had done. He actually had most of the community trying to solve the case. Those ciphers were like the Sunday crossword puzzle for people — everybody and their sister were trying to figure it out, The Chronicle's circulation doubled overnight by putting Zodiac on the cover. But he was running the show."

According to Ruffalo, that would all be different today. "They wouldn't keep egging him on by printing stuff. They would have been running the media in a way that drew him out," like many papers' refusal to print the Unabomber's so-called "Manifesto, But they didn't know how to handle it back then and today they can handle it because they ecperienced it with the Zodiac case."

 "It's specifically because of Zodiac that police today would have a better shot at catching some one like him."(Mark Ruffalo)

Also now police keep very organized files of ALL the case information, because in the Zodiac case not all the info. was kept together and that made it even harder on police. 

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