The Zodiac Killer: Unleashed


 The police sketch of the Zodiac killer.

 Author and reporter for The San Francisco Chronicle, Robert Graysmith.

The Zodiac Killer established his/her legacy as a significant individual in history through his/her impact during his/her murders and after his/her murders. Considering the fact that not many serial killers before the Zodiac didn't kill their victims as creative, sneaky, and at the same time, as publicly as the Zodiac makes this case one the first major serial killers of many. The Zodiac killer would taunt the police, threatening them that if they didn't do things the way he/she  planned, then they would go on a killing spree, because killing perfectly innocent people didn't hurt or impact the Zodiac's state of mind in any way. This way of thinking, caused the Vallejo Police Department in Vallejo, California to be of supreme caution because they were dealing with a heartless person who would kill until they reached their ultimate goal, attention from people all around the world. Eventually, the Zodiac somewhat reached his goal. One of the reporters at the San Francisco Chronicle, Robert Graysmith, was helping his colleagues find this killing fanatic. Graysmith was in disbelief that this murderer could commit so many crimes without leaving traces of evidence while talking and writing to police stations himself/herself and the police still left this case unsolved. Therefore, Graysmith published top-selling books on the Zodiac, such as: Zodiac and The Zodiac Unmasked. Robert also was interviewed by many news stations and newspapers around the country because he was present during this difficult case. Also, David Fincher produced a movie about the infamous Zodiac killer, named Zodiac. Both Robert Graysmith and David Fincher were highly impacted from the Zodiac killer, along with many other people around the world.

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